Essential Bundle


Cutpay EPOS brings you the bundle EPOS system, suitable for all kinds of environments including retail, hospitality, pubs, bars and restaurants.

The Modern style EPOS bundle consists of a touchscreen terminal, thermal printer, sliding cash drawer and EPOS software that remains reliable and highly customisable throughout.




Epos colour coded system

Our Epos systems provide a perfect blend of chic design and vibrant colour to suit any surroundings, as well as the latest cutting edge power and style needed to enhance the quality of your business.

  • IP66 bezeless flat screen to protect against water spillages and allow for quick and easy wiping.
  • Fanless technology to enable perfect heat dispensation, with no moving parts that could break or be clogged up by dust.
  • 1.86GHz Intel Dual core processor to provide businesses with speedy low power technology.
  • 64 GB SSD for reliable and protective storage.


Sewoo LK-TS400 thermal receipt printer (220mm/s print speed)

The TS400 printer offers a chic and compact design, all combined with spacing-saving capability that will provide a perfect fit for any business.

  • Small and compact design to enable businesses to save space on your counter, this reliable and robust printer offers front paper loading and exit which offers businesses flexibility.
  • Spillproof function that provides superior resistance to spill with a sealed top for extra protection.
  • High speed printing at a rate of 220mm per second which will save time in a rapid service environment like a restaurant or busy retailer.
  • ESC/POS command compatible to enable a high level of compatibility with most POS hardware.


VK-410 Sliding cash drawer

Made from the highest quality heavy gauge steel, our industry standard sliding cash drawer  is small enough to fit in a bar or counter and large enough to ensure security, our cash drawers are a must have for any business.

  • 4 note / 8 coin
  • Standard RJ11 connection
  • 24V (suitable for printer and EPOS connection)
  • 3-position lock (with 2 keys)
  • OPEN/CLOSE microswitch detector


ICRTouch Touchpoint EPOS software

Both reliable and highly customisable, Touchpoint software can be tailored to fit any business. Built around reliability and ease of use, this is a tested and robust software that integrates seamlessly with any requirements.
All of our systems can be set up to run across a network, meaning you only have to input data once for it to show on every system. And of course, you can track all orders across the entire network!

Product Warranty: 1 Year (extendable to 3 Years)


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